MCSE training and preparation for an exam

Microsoft certified solution expert is always awarded to those IT professionals or learners who have passed a series of exams. The certificate is only awarded to those IT professionals who have shown their ability to design, implement and also be able to manage computers and computer network using Microsoft servers. There are nine specialty area s that can enable an individual to acquire a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications below are some of the important areas to note

  • The desktop infrastructure
  • The server
  • Private cloud sector
  • Business intelligence
  • The SharePoint
  • Messaging
  • The data sector
  • Apps and devices
  • Communication

For starters, candidates must pass three exams. After the pass, the candidates will have earned an MCSA(Microsoft Certified Solutions Association) the candidates will have remained with two exams. The two exams are the one to determine if a candidate will earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Therefore, the candidates should focus on their area of specialty and do the two exams aligned with the area of specialization.


Do handle the mcse exam, you have to at least train or else, you will not pass the test. The training is usually in the form of instructor-led courses. The courses are offered through Microsoft training partners. The partners might be colleges or universities

Topics that are usually covered includes

  • The windows server deployment, managing and configuring
  • The user permissions and active directory domain service.
  • Windows server images, their deployment, and image management
  • DNS
  • Networking

How to find a school or an institution that offers the exams?

MCSE exams are so common these days. This is due to the fact that there are so many IT professionals and each one of them is in need of the exams to stay skilled and to upgrade on the newest technology. You can have the exams through offline platforms such as community colleges and universities. You can also find a good site or platform online where you can take your mcse exams at the comfort of your home.


To assess your ability to troubleshoot, install, a configuration of network and computer infrastructure in general, you must make sure that you have trained, study and make sure you take Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert exams. It is also good to upgrade your career.

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